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15-20mmHg Knee High are our most popular style for everyday wear. Recommended for all adults over the age of 40 to prevent venous disease, varicose veins and edema (swelling of the feet, legs or ankles). They are particularly popular where you’re on your feet all day at work or managing any of the following:

Poor Circulation: graduated compression socks with 15-20mmHg of compression are clinically proven to increase circulation. Whether you are managing diabetes or suffering from cold feet, you will benefit immediately from the increased circulation delivered by these over the calf compression socks.

Leg Fatigue: is often experienced by people who spend hours standing or sitting still at work or at home. The increased blood flow that is stimulated by these knee high socks reduces leg fatigue by 57% in clinical studies.

Sore Feet: is often the painful result of working on hard floors, or in a job that requires lots of walking (or attending a dreaded Trade Show!). The mid-foot arch support in all SmoothToe® Energizing Socks was developed with this problem in mind, and is extremely effective.

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