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The 15-20mmHg Crew Style is a mid-calf sock, so it does not deliver the full benefits of graduated compression technology. To receive the full benefits the calf muscle must be fully covered, and as the Crew is only mid-calf there is moderate loss of effectiveness – depending on your individual circumstances.

The SmoothToe® 15-20mmHg Crew is acknowledged as the ultimate sock for anyone managing diabetes. The Crew was where we developed the seamless SmoothToe® Technology so there are no harsh seams to harm brittle skin, and the fitted sock design and padded sole mean there is no shear force or pressure spots to cause blisters. We even guarantee it – no blisters for as long as you wear your socks!

The other group who benefit from the Crew Style are the teenagers in your life, who are notoriously tough on socks. Numerous parents have told us that SmoothToe well and truly passes the “tough teenager test” of sock life … with many actually growing out of their socks before they wear them out. 
We’re so confident it will be the same for you that we’ll replace any socks with holes worn inside the shoe … for 5 YEARS from your date of purchase!.

Many people who wear shorts at work, or wear a work boot, also choose the 15-20mmHg Crew. It has enough graduated compression to relieve foot fatigue and the mid foot compression system feels like a “virtual foot massage”.


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